Meaning of STOCKING in English


[noun] [C] - one of a pair of tight-fitting coverings for the feet and legs made of light, usually artificial, material and worn by womenStockings come up to the mid-thigh and are usually held in place with suspenders.I've got a ladder (= a long vertical hole) in one of my stockings.She's just spent $15 on a pair of silk stockings.Compare nylons at nylon; tights.Jerome stands 1m 75 in his stocking/stockinged feet (= when he is not wearing shoes).Stocking cap is US for bobble hat.See at bobble.A stocking-filler (US also stocking-stuffer) is a small cheap Christmas present.We usually buy the children one big present and lots of stocking-fillers.A stocking mask is a stocking which thieves pull over their heads to hide their faces.The men were filmed as they robbed the bank, but they were all wearing stocking masks and couldn't be identified.

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