Meaning of V in English


(LETTER) (plural V's or Vs), v (plural v's or vs) [noun] [C] - the 22nd letter of the English alphabetA V-neck is a V-shaped neckhole without a collar on a piece of clothing, or a piece of clothing with an opening at the neck of this shape.I wore that black dress of mine with the V-neck.I bought a V-neck (also V-necked) sweater/T shirt.See picture: Collars and tiesIf something is V-shaped it looks like a V.A V-sign (also vee sign), which is used to express victory or the hope of victory, is made by holding up the first two fingers of one hand in the shape of a V, while the thumb and other fingers are folded down and face out. In the US, a V-sign is also used to express a desire for peace, and is usually called a 'peace sign'. In Britain, a similar sign (also called two fingers), which is made with the back of the hand facing out, is used for expressing dislike or anger and is very offensive.The driver shouted rudely at the cyclist and gave her a/the V-sign.

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