Meaning of TANTALUM in English


Name: tantalum

Symbol: Ta

Atomic number: 73

Atomic weight: 180.9479 (1)

Group in periodic table: 5

Group name:

Period in periodic table: 6

Block in periodic table: d-block

CAS registry ID: 7440-25-7

Tantalum is a greyish silver, heavy, and very hard metal. When pure, it is ductile and can be drawn into fine wire, which can be used as a filament for evaporating metals such as aluminium. Tantalum is almost completely immune to chemical attack at temperatures below 150°C, and is attacked only by hydrofluoric acid, acidic solutions containing the fluoride ion, and free sulphur trioxide. The element has a melting point exceeded only by tungsten and rhenium.

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