Meaning of ADVANTAGEOUS in English




yielding a profit

sold on very advantageous terms

Synonyms: gainful, good, lucrative, moneymaking, paying, profitable, remunerative, well-paying, worthwhile

Related Word: acceptable, agreeable, desirable, pleasing, satisfactory, satisfying

Idioms: in the black, paying its (own) way

Contrasted words: disadvantageous, unfavorable, unprofitable; damaging, hurtful


Synonyms: good 1, benefic, beneficial, brave, favorable, favoring, helpful, propitious, toward, useful

Related Word: remedial, salutary; conducive, contributory, implemental, instrumental; advisable, expedient

Contrasted words: unfavorable; inconvenient; deleterious, detrimental

Antonyms: disadvantageous

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