Meaning of APPARENT in English




Synonyms: clear 5, distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, palpable, patent, plain, unambiguous, unequivocal

Related Word: ponderable; noticeable, prominent; discernible, observable, perceivable

Idioms: plain as day, plain to be seen

Contrasted words: ambiguous, hidden, obscure

Antonyms: inapparent


being other than seems to be the case

her apparent goodwill masked an inner loathing

Synonyms: Barmecidal, illusive, illusory, ostensible, seeming, semblant

Related Word: deceptive, delusive, delusory, misleading; credible, plausible, specious; factitious, fake, false, pseudo, sham, suppositious, supposititious

Contrasted words: genuine, true, valid; basic, essential, fundamental, inherent, intrinsic

Antonyms: actual, real

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