Meaning of ARBITRARY in English




characterized by or given to willful and often unwise or irrational choices and demands

a proud fitful arbitrary nature

Synonyms: capricious, erratic, freakish, vagarious, wayward, whimsical, whimsied

Related Word: undisciplined, unruly, wild, willful; arrogant, unconstrained, unreasonable; careless, heedless, impetuous, indiscreet, precipitate, rash; kooky, screwball, zany

Contrasted words: circumspect, discreet, heedful, judicious, politic, reflective; calculating, discriminative, judicial, prudent, well-advised


Synonyms: absolute 4, autarchic, autocratic, despotic, monocratic, tyrannical, tyrannous

Related Word: authoritarian, dictatorial, magisterial, oracular

Contrasted words: lawful, legal, licit, rightful

Antonyms: legitimate

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