Meaning of BEYOND in English


I. adverb


on or to the farther side

a house with mountains beyond

Synonyms: farther, further, ||yon, yonder


Synonyms: over 1, across, athwart, transversely

II. preposition


on or to the farther side of

the store is just beyond the next house

Synonyms: after, outside, past, without


out of the reach, sphere, or comprehension of

it's beyond me how he did it

Synonyms: above, past

Idioms: beyond one's depth ( or power), over ( or above) one's head, too deep ( or much) for


Synonyms: besides 1, as well as, beside, over and above

III. adjective

Synonyms: additional , added, besides, else, farther, further, more, new, other, otherwise

IV. noun

Synonyms: hereafter 2, afterlife, afterworld, otherworld

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