Meaning of CROOKED in English




departing from a straight line or course

a crooked road

Synonyms: bending, curving, devious, twisting; compare curved , winding

Related Word: oblique; circuitous, indirect, roundabout; errant, meandering, rambling, serpentine, snaky, tortuous, winding; zigzag

Contrasted words: direct, undeviating

Antonyms: straight


deviating from rectitude

crooked police officers on the take

Synonyms: corrupt, dishonest, snide; compare corrupt 2, venal 1

Related Word: devious, indirect, shifty, underhand; double-dealing, fraudulent; deceitful, lying, untruthful; ruthless, unscrupulous

Contrasted words: aboveboard, forthright, straightforward; conscientious, honorable, just, proper, righteous, scrupulous, upright

Antonyms: honest, straight

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