Meaning of EQUIVOCAL in English




Synonyms: obscure 3, ambiguous, amphibological, tenebrous, uncertain, unclear, unexplicit, unintelligible, vague

Related Word: hazy, indistinct; doubtful, dubious, questionable; indeterminate, multivocal

Idioms: clear as mud

Contrasted words: clear, distinct, understandable; categorical, explicit, unambiguous, univocal; certain, conclusive

Antonyms: unequivocal


characterized by a mixture of opposing feelings

an equivocal attitude toward the expensive proposal

Synonyms: ambivalent

Related Word: uncertain, undecided

Idioms: having mixed ( or divided) feelings

Contrasted words: assured, certain, decided, sure


Synonyms: doubtful 1, ambiguous, borderline, clouded, dubious, fishy, indecisive, open, problematic, suspect

Related Word: disreputable

Idioms: open to question

Contrasted words: credible

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