Meaning of CAREFUL in English

adj. Function: adjective


Synonyms: CAUTIOUS , calculating, chary, circumspect, considerate, discreet, gingerly, guarded, safe, wary

Related Words: attentive, heedful, observant

2 closely attentive to details or showing such attention FF1C; careful workmanship FF1E;

Synonyms: conscientious, conscionable, exact, fussy, heedful, meticulous, painstaking, punctilious, punctual, scrupulous

Related Words: accurate, nice, precise; deliberate, studied; foresighted, provident, prudent; critical, discriminating, finical, finicky; observant, particular, religious; duteous, dutiful, intent

Contrasted Words: disorderly, lax, negligent, slack, slipshod, slovenly; heedless, neglectful, remiss

Antonyms: careless

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