Meaning of COLOR in English


n. Function: noun

1 a property of a visible thing recognizable only when rays of light fall upon it and serving to distinguish things otherwise visually identical (as in size, shape, or texture) FF1C; the green color of foliage turns red and gold in autumn FF1E;

Synonyms: cast, hue, shade, tinge, tint, tone


Synonyms: MASK 2, coloring, disguise, facade, face, front, guise, put-on, semblance, show


Synonyms: VERISIMILITUDE , plausibility, verisimility


Synonyms: POSITION 1, attitude, stance, stand


Synonyms: FLAG , banner, ensign, gonfalon, jack, oriflamme, pennant, pennon, standard, streamer

6 something used to impart visible color to something FF1C; dyed her curtains with one of the new easy-to-use colors FF1E;

Synonyms: colorant, dye, dyestuff, pigment, stain, tincture

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