Meaning of DEFICIENT in English


adj. Function: adjective

1 showing lack of something necessary FF1C; deficient in judgment FF1E;

Synonyms: defective, ||half-assed, inadequate, incomplete, insufficient, lacking, uncomplete, wanting

Related Words: faulty, flawed, imperfect, unsound; damaged, impaired, injured, marred; amiss, bad, unsatisfactory

Idioms: in want of

Contrasted Words: complete, entire, intact, whole; acceptable, adequate, sufficient


Synonyms: SHORT 3, failing, inadequate, insufficient, scant, scanty, scarce, shy, unsufficient, wanting

Related Words: infrequent, rare, uncommon

Idioms: found wanting

Contrasted Words: excessive, extravagant, immoderate, inordinate; enough, satisfactory, sufficing

Antonyms: adequate, sufficient

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