Meaning of ETERNITY in English

n. Function: noun

1 a totality of infinite time FF1C; in eternity there is no change or passing away FF1E;

Synonyms: infinity, sempiternity

Related Words: endlessness, infiniteness, infinitude, perpetuity, timelessness

Contrasted Words: ephemerality, impermanence, transience; limitedness, restrictedness

Antonyms: finiteness

2 unending existence after death FF1C; belief in the eternity of our spiritual nature FF1E;

Synonyms: afterlife, everlastingness, eviternity, immortality, world-without-end


Synonyms: AGE 2, aeon, blue moon, coon's age, dog's age, donkey's years, long

Idioms: forever and a day, forever and ever

Merriam Webster. Collegiate thesaurus English dictionary.      Английский энциклопедический толковый словарь тезауруса.