Meaning of INFIRMITY in English

n. Function: noun

1 the quality or state of being enfeebled and weakened in health FF1C; suffering from old age and attendant physical infirmity FF1E;

Synonyms: debility, decrepitude, disease, feebleness, infirmness, malaise, sickliness, unhealthiness; compare DISEASE 1 , SICKNESS 1

Related Words: debilitation, decay, enfeeblement, failing, frailty, weakening, weakness; diseasedness, unwellness; illness, indisposition, sickness, unhealth

Antonyms: haleness


Synonyms: DISEASE 1, affection, ailment, complaint, condition, disorder, ill, malady, sickness, syndrome


Synonyms: SICKNESS 1, affliction, diseasedness, disorder, illness, indisposition, unhealth

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