Meaning of INSANE in English

adj. Function: adjective

1 being afflicted by or manifesting unsoundness of mind or an inability to control one's rational processes FF1C; adjudged insane after a period of observation FF1E;

Synonyms: bananas, ||batty, bedlamite, ||bonkers, brainsick, ||buggy, ||bughouse, ||bugs, crackbrained, cracked, ||crackers, ||cracky, ||cranky, crazed, crazy, cuckoo, daffy, daft, demented, deranged, disordered, distraugh, ||fruity, ||loco, looney, lunatic, mad, maniac, ||mental, mindless, non compos mentis, nuts, nutsy, nutty, reasonless, screwy, teched, unbalanced, unsane, unsound, wacky, witless, wrong

Related Words: irrational, unreasonable; bewildered, distracted; dotty, eccentric, off, rocky, strange, touched; ||dippy

Idioms: around the bend, crazy as a coot, not all there, not right in one's head, ||off one's dot, off one's nut ( or rocker), ||off one's onion, out of ( or off) one's head, out of one's mind, touched in the head

Contrasted Words: judicious, sapient, sensible, wise; rational, reasonable; balanced; logical, subtle; healthy, sound; clear, lucid

Antonyms: sane


Synonyms: FOOLISH 2, absurd, ||balmy, crazy, harebrained, loony, ||potty, preposterous, silly, wacky

Related Words: fanciful, fantastic, imaginary, visionary; impractical, unrealistic

Contrasted Words: feasible, possible, practicable, usable; rational, reasonable, sane, sensible; practical, realistic

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