Meaning of JUSTIFY in English


v. Function: verb


Synonyms: MAINTAIN 2, argue, assert, claim, contend, defend, vindicate, warrant

Related Words: demonstrate, prove; back, support, uphold

Contrasted Words: confute, disprove, refute


Synonyms: CONFIRM 2, authenticate, bear out, corroborate, substantiate, validate, verify


Synonyms: EXPLAIN 3, account, explain away, rationalize

Related Words: extenuate, gloss, gloze, palliate, whitewash

Contrasted Words: accuse, arraign, incriminate, indict; blame, condemn, denounce

4 to constitute sufficient grounds FF1C; thought the storm warning justified his leaving early FF1E;

Synonyms: warrant

Related Words: allow, permit; approve, authorize, sanction

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