Meaning of BRIM in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ brɪm ]

( brims, brimming, brimmed)


The brim of a hat is the wide part that sticks outwards at the bottom.

Rain dripped from the brim of his baseball cap.

...a flat black hat with a wide brim.

N-COUNT : oft N of n , adj N

• -brimmed

...a floppy-brimmed hat.

COMB in ADJ : usu ADJ n


If someone or something is brimming with a particular quality, they are full of that quality.

England are brimming with confidence after two straight wins in the tournament.

VERB : usu cont , V with n

Brim over means the same as brim .

Her heart brimmed over with love and adoration for Charles.

PHRASAL VERB : V P with n , also V P


When your eyes are brimming with tears, they are full of fluid because you are upset, although you are not actually crying.

Michael looked at him imploringly, eyes brimming with tears.

VERB : V with n

Brim over means the same as brim .

When she saw me, her eyes brimmed over with tears and she could not speak.

PHRASAL VERB : V P with n , also V P


If something brims with particular things, it is packed full of them.

The flowerbeds brim with a mixture of lilies and roses.

VERB : V with n


If something, especially a container, is filled to the brim or full to the brim with something, it is filled right up to the top.

Richard filled her glass right up to the brim...

PHRASE : V inflects

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