Meaning of CLAW in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ klɔ: ]

( claws, clawing, clawed)


The claws of a bird or animal are the thin, hard, curved nails at the end of its feet.

The cat tried to cling to the edge by its claws.

N-COUNT : usu pl


The claws of a lobster, crab, or scorpion are the two pointed parts at the end of its legs which are used for holding things.

N-COUNT : usu pl


If an animal claws at something, it scratches or damages it with its claws.

The wolf clawed at the tree and howled the whole night.

VERB : V at n


To claw at something mean to try very hard to get hold of it.

His fingers clawed at Blake’s wrist...

VERB : V at n


If you claw your way somewhere, you move there with great difficulty, trying desperately to find things to hold on to.

Some did manage to claw their way up iron ladders to the safety of the upper deck.

VERB : V way prep / adv

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