Meaning of CORRELATE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ kɒrəleɪt, AM kɔ:r- ]

( correlates, correlating, correlated)


If one thing correlates with another, there is a close similarity or connection between them, often because one thing causes the other. You can also say that two things correlate . ( FORMAL )

Obesity correlates with increased risk for hypertension and stroke...

The political opinions of spouses correlate more closely than their heights...

The loss of respect for British science is correlated to reduced funding...

At the highest executive levels earnings and performance aren’t always correlated.

V-RECIP : V with/to n , pl-n V , be V-ed with/to n , be V-ed


If you correlate things, you work out the way in which they are connected or the way they influence each other. ( FORMAL )

Attempts to correlate specific language functions with particular parts of the brain have not advanced very far...

Lieutenant Ryan closed his eyes, first mentally viewing the different crime scenes, then correlating the data.

VERB : V n with n , V n

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