Meaning of DEFROST in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ di:frɒst, AM -frɔ:st ]

( defrosts, defrosting, defrosted)


When you defrost frozen food or when it defrosts , you allow or cause it to become unfrozen so that you can eat it or cook it.

She has a microwave, but uses it mainly for defrosting bread...

Once the turkey has defrosted, remove the giblets.

≠ freeze

VERB : V n , V


When you defrost a fridge or freezer, you switch it off or press a special switch so that the ice inside it can melt. You can also say that a fridge or freezer is defrosting .

Defrost the fridge regularly so that it works at maximum efficiency.

VERB : V n , also V

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