Meaning of DRAG in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ dræg ]

( drags, dragging, dragged)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If you drag something, you pull it along the ground, often with difficulty.

He got up and dragged his chair towards the table.

VERB : V n prep / adv


To drag a computer image means to use the mouse to move the position of the image on the screen, or to change its size or shape. ( COMPUTING )

Use your mouse to drag the pictures to their new size.

VERB : V n


If someone drags you somewhere, they pull you there, or force you to go there by physically threatening you.

The vigilantes dragged the men out of the vehicles...

VERB : V n prep / adv


If someone drags you somewhere you do not want to go, they make you go there.

When you can drag him away from his work, he can also be a devoted father...

VERB : V n adv / prep


If you say that you drag yourself somewhere, you are emphasizing that you have to make a very great effort to go there.

I find it really hard to drag myself out and exercise regularly.

VERB : V pron-refl adv / prep [ emphasis ]


If you drag your foot or your leg behind you, you walk with great difficulty because your foot or leg is injured in some way.

He was barely able to drag his poisoned leg behind him...

VERB : V n prep


If the police drag a river or lake, they pull nets or hooks across the bottom of it in order to look for something.

Yesterday police frogmen dragged a small pond on the Common.

VERB : V n


If a period of time or an event drags , it is very boring and seems to last a long time.

The minutes dragged past...

The pacing was uneven, and the early second act dragged.

VERB : V adv , V


If something is a drag on the development or progress of something, it slows it down or makes it more difficult.

Spending cuts will put a drag on growth.

N-SING : a N on n


If you say that something is a drag , you mean that it is unpleasant or very dull. ( INFORMAL )

N-SING : a N , oft N to-inf [ disapproval ]


If you take a drag on a cigarette or pipe that you are smoking, you take in air through it. ( INFORMAL )

N-COUNT : oft N on n


Drag is the wearing of women’s clothes by a male entertainer.

N-UNCOUNT : oft N n

If a man is in drag , he is wearing women’s clothes.

The band dressed up in drag.

PHRASE : PHR after v , v-link PHR


If you drag your feet or drag your heels , you delay doing something or do it very slowly because you do not want to do it.

The government, he claimed, was dragging its feet.

PHRASE : V inflects

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