Meaning of ELEMENT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ elɪmənt ]

( elements)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


The different elements of something are the different parts it contains.

The exchange of prisoners of war was one of the key elements of the UN’s peace plan.

= constituent, component

N-COUNT : usu pl , usu with supp


A particular element of a situation, activity, or process is an important quality or feature that it has or needs.

Fitness has now become an important element in our lives.

= factor

N-COUNT : with supp


When you talk about elements within a society or organization, you are referring to groups of people who have similar aims, beliefs, or habits.

...criminal elements within the security forces.

...the hooligan element.

N-COUNT : usu pl , supp N


If something has an element of a particular quality or emotion, it has a certain amount of this quality or emotion.

These reports clearly contain elements of propaganda.

N-COUNT : usu sing , N of n


An element is a substance such as gold, oxygen, or carbon that consists of only one type of atom.

≠ compound



The element in an electric fire or water heater is the metal part which changes the electric current into heat.

N-COUNT : usu sing


You can refer to the weather, especially wind and rain, as the elements .

The area where most refugees are waiting is exposed to the elements.

N-PLURAL : the N


If you say that someone is in their element , you mean that they are in a situation they enjoy.

My stepmother was in her element, organizing everything...

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