Meaning of ENTRANCE in English




( entrances)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


The entrance to a place is the way into it, for example a door or gate.

Beside the entrance to the church, turn right...

He was driven out of a side entrance with his hand covering his face...

A marble entrance hall leads to a sitting room.

= entry

N-COUNT : oft N to/into/of n


You can refer to someone’s arrival in a place as their entrance , especially when you think that they are trying to be noticed and admired.

If she had noticed her father’s entrance, she gave no indication.

= entry

N-COUNT : usu sing , usu with poss


When a performer makes his or her entrance on to the stage, he or she comes on to the stage.

N-COUNT : usu sing , usu with poss , oft N on/into n


If you gain entrance to a particular place, you manage to get in there. ( FORMAL )

Hewitt had gained entrance to the Hall by pretending to be a heating engineer.

= entry

N-UNCOUNT : oft N to n


If you gain entrance to a particular profession, society, or institution, you are accepted as a member of it.

Entrance to universities and senior secondary schools was restricted.

...entrance exams for the French civil service.

N-UNCOUNT : oft N to/into n


If you make an entrance into a particular activity or system, you succeed in becoming involved in it.

The acquisition helped BCCI make its initial entrance into the US market.

= entry

N-SING : oft N into n


/ɪntrɑ:ns, -træns/

( entrances, entrancing, entranced)

If something or someone entrances you, they cause you to feel delight and wonder, often so that all your attention is taken up and you cannot think about anything else.

As soon as I met Dick, he entranced me because he has a lovely voice...

= enchant

VERB : V n

• en‧tranced

For the next three hours we sat entranced as the train made its way up the mountains...

He is entranced by the kindness of her smile.

ADJ : v-link ADJ , ADJ after v , ADJ n

• en‧tranc‧ing

The light reflected off the stone, creating a golden glow he found entrancing.


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