Meaning of REINFORCE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ri:ɪnfɔ:(r)s ]

( reinforces, reinforcing, reinforced)


If something reinforces a feeling, situation, or process, it makes it stronger or more intense.

A stronger European Parliament would, they fear, only reinforce the power of the larger countries...

VERB : V n


If something reinforces an idea or point of view, it provides more evidence or support for it.

The delegation hopes to reinforce the idea that human rights are not purely internal matters.

VERB : V n


To reinforce an object means to make it stronger or harder.

Eventually, they had to reinforce the walls with exterior beams.

VERB : V n with n

• re‧inforced

Its windows were of reinforced glass.



To reinforce an army or a police force means to make it stronger by increasing its size or providing it with more weapons. To reinforce a position or place means to make it stronger by sending more soldiers or weapons.

Both sides have been reinforcing their positions after yesterday’s fierce fighting...

VERB : V n

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