Meaning of DISPENSE in English


(~s, dispensing, ~d)


If someone ~s something that they own or control, they give or provide it to a number of people. (FORMAL)

The Union had already ~d ?40,000 in grants...

I thought of myself as a patriarch, dispensing words of wisdom to all my children.

VERB: V n, V n to n


If you obtain a product by getting it out of a machine, you can say that the machine ~s the product.

For two weeks, the cash machine was unable to ~ money.



When a chemist ~s medicine, he or she prepares it, and gives or sells it to the patient or customer.

Some shops gave wrong or inadequate advice when dispensing homeopathic medicines...

Doctors confine themselves to prescribing rather than dispensing.

VERB: V n, V, also V n to n

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