Meaning of SUPPOSE in English

(~s, supposing, ~d)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


You can use ~ or supposing before mentioning a possible situation or action. You usually then go on to consider the effects that this situation or action might have.

Suppose someone gave you an egg and asked you to describe exactly what was inside...

Supposing he’s right and I do die tomorrow? Maybe I should take out an extra insurance policy.

VERB: V that, V that


If you ~ that something is true, you believe that it is probably true, because of other things that you know.

The policy is perfectly clear and I see no reason to ~ that it isn’t working...

It had been ~d that by then Peter would be married.

VERB: V that, it be V-ed that, also V n


You can say ‘I ~’ when you want to express slight uncertainty. (SPOKEN)

I get a bit uptight these days. Hormones, I ~...

I ~ I’d better do some homework...

Is that the right way up?—Yeah. I ~ so...

There’s nothing to keep us here, is there?—I ~ not.

PHRASE: oft PHR that, PHR so/not vagueness


You can say ‘I ~’ or ‘I don’t ~’ before describing someone’s probable thoughts or attitude, when you are impatient or slightly angry with them. (SPOKEN)

I ~ you think you’re funny...

PHRASE: PHR that feelings


You can say ‘I don’t ~’ as a way of introducing a polite request. (SPOKEN)

I don’t ~ you could tell me where James Street is could you?

PHRASE: PHR that politeness


You can use ‘do you ~’ to introduce a question when you want someone to give their opinion about something, although you know that they are unlikely to have any more knowledge or information about it than you. (SPOKEN)

Do you ~ he was telling the truth?...



You can use ‘do you ~’ as a polite way of suggesting or requesting that someone does something.

Do you ~ we could get together for a little chat sometime soon?

PHRASE: PHR that politeness

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