Meaning of POWER in English

n. & v.

n. 1 the ability to do or act (will do all in my power; has the power to change colour). 2 a particular faculty of body or mind (lost the power of speech; powers of persuasion). 3 a government, influence, or authority. b political or social ascendancy or control (the party in power; Black Power). 4 authorization; delegated authority (power of attorney; police powers). 5 (often foll. by over) personal ascendancy. 6 an influential person, group, or organization (the press is a power in the land). 7 a military strength. b a state having international influence, esp. based on military strength (the leading powers). 8 vigour, energy. 9 an active property or function (has a high heating power). 10 colloq. a large number or amount (has done me a power of good). 11 the capacity for exerting mechanical force or doing work (horsepower). 12 mechanical or electrical energy as distinct from hand-labour (often attrib.: power tools; power steering). 13 a a public supply of (esp. electrical) energy. b a particular source or form of energy (hydroelectric power). 14 a mechanical force applied e.g. by means of a lever. 15 Physics the rate of energy output. 16 the product obtained when a number is multiplied by itself a certain number of times (2 to the power of 3 = 8). 17 the magnifying capacity of a lens. 18 a a deity. b (in pl.) the sixth order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.

v.tr. 1 supply with mechanical or electrical energy. 2 (foll. by up, down) increase or decrease the power supplied to (a device); switch on or off. in the power of under the control of. more power to your elbow! an expression of encouragement or approval. power behind the throne a person who asserts authority or influence without having formal status. power block a group of nations constituting an international political force. power cut a temporary withdrawal or failure of an electric power supply. power-dive n. a steep dive of an aircraft with the engines providing thrust.

v.intr. perform a power-dive. power line a conductor supplying electrical power, esp. one supported by pylons or poles. power of attorney see ATTORNEY. power pack 1 a unit for supplying power. 2 the equipment for converting an alternating current (from the mains) to a direct current at a different (usu. lower) voltage. power play 1 tactics involving the concentration of players at a particular point. 2 similar tactics in business, politics, etc., involving a concentration of resources, effort, etc. power point Brit. a socket in a wall etc. for connecting an electrical device to the mains. power politics political action based on power or influence. power-sharing a policy agreed between parties or within a coalition to share responsibility for decision-making and political action. power station a building where electrical power is generated for distribution. the powers that be those in authority (Rom. 13:1). power stroke the stroke of an internal-combustion engine, in which the piston is moved downward by the expansion of gases. powered adj. (also in comb.).

[ ME & AF poer etc., OF poeir ult. f. L posse be able ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.