Meaning of FESTIVAL in English

n. 25B6; noun

the town's autumn festival : FêTE, fair, gala (day), carnival, fiesta, jamboree, celebrations, festivities, eisteddfod.

fasting precedes the festival : HOLY DAY, feast day, saint's day, commemoration, day of observance. See list.

Religious Festivals and Holy Days

festival month


Epiphany January

Candlemas February

Shrove Tuesday February/March

Ash Wednesday February/March

Annunciation March

Easter March/April

Pentecost or Whit Sunday April/May

All Saints' Day or All Hallows November

Christmas December

Holy Innocents' Day December

See also saint .


Purim February/March

Passover or Pesach March/April

Lag b'Omer April/May

Shavuoth May/June

Rosh Hashana September/October

Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement September/October

Succoth September/October

Hanukkah December


Mahashivaratri February/March

Holi February/March

Rama Naumi March/April

New Year January/February

Raksha Bandhan August

Janmashtami August/September

Navaratri October

Dusshera October

Diwali October/November


Holi Mohalla March/April

Baisakhi April

Martyrdom of Guru Arjan May/June

Birthday of Guru Nanak November

Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh December/January

Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur December/January


Vesak April/May

Dhammacakka July

Bodhi Day November


Lailat ul-Isra wal Mi'raj April/May

Lailat ul-Bara'h April/May

Lailat ul-Qadr May/June

Eid ul-Fitr May/June

Eid ul-Adha July

Muhrarran September/October


Beltane April

Lammas August

Samhain October

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