Meaning of HERALDRY in English


n. 25B6; noun . See list.

Heraldic Terms

achievement gorged

addorsed guardant

affronté gules

annulet gyron

argent haurient

armed honour point

armiger impaled

aversant inescutcheon

azure invected

bar issuant

barrulet langued

barry lined

baton lodged

bearing mantling

bend martlet

bendlet mascle

bend sinister moline

bezant mullet

billet mural crown

blazon naiant

bloody hand naissant

bonnet nebuly

bordure nombril

brisure nowd

caboshed or

cabré ordinary

cadency orle

canting arms pale

canton pall

Catherine wheel pallet

chapeau paly

chaplet party

charge passant

chevron patonce

chief per

cinquefoil pheon

coat armour pile

coat of arms potent

cockatrice proper

cognizance purpure

compartment quadrate

compony quartered

coney quartering

cordon raguly

cottise rampant

couchant rayonné

couped regardant

courant reversed

coward rising

crescent roundel

crest rustre

dancetté sable

debruise salient

device saltire

dexter sanguine

dimidiate sejant

diminutive semé

displayed shield

dormant sinister

ecartelé slipped

embattled statant

embowed subordinary

engrailed sun in splendour

entire supporter

erased tenné

ermine tierced

erminois tincture

escallop torse

etoile tressure

fess trippant

fess point unguled

field vair

fimbriated vert

fitché voided

fleur-de-lys volant

flory vuln

fret wavy

fusil wyvern

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.