Meaning of HUMAN in English


n. 25B6; adjective

the human race : anthropoid.

they're only human : MORTAL, flesh and blood; fallible, weak, frail, imperfect, vulnerable, susceptible, erring, error-prone; physical, bodily, fleshly.

the human side of politics : COMPASSIONATE, humane, kind, considerate, understanding, sympathetic, tolerant; approachable, accessible.


25B6; noun the link between humans and animals : PERSON, human being, personage, mortal, member of the human race; man, woman; individual, (living) soul, being; Homo sapiens; earthling. See list.

Early Humans

Australopithecus Neanderthal man

Boxgrove man Nutcracker man

Cro-Magnon man Paranthropus

Heidelberg man Peking man

Homo erectus Pithecanthropus

Homo habilis Proconsul

Homo sapiens protohuman

Java man Sinanthropus

Kabwe man Zinjanthropus


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