Meaning of INSECT in English


n. 25B6; noun . See lists here and at butterfly , moth .


See also butterfly , moth . honeybee

agrion honeypot ant

alderfly hornet

amazon ant horntail

ambrosia beetle hornworm

animated stick horsefly

anopheles housefly

ant hoverfly

ant-lion ichneumon

aphid Japanese beetle

Argentine ant jewel beetle

army ant June bug

army worm katydid

asparagus beetle ked

assassin bug khapra beetle

backswimmer kissing bug

bark beetle lace bug

bat fly lacewing

bedbug lac insect

bee ladybird

bee beetle lantern fly

bee fly larder beetle

bee louse leaf beetle

beetle leafcutter ant

biscuit beetle leafcutter bee

biting midge leafhopper

black ant leaf insect

black beetle leaf miner

blackfly leatherjacket

blister beetle lightning bug

bloodworm locust

bloody-nosed beetle longhorn beetle

blowfly louse

bluebottle louse fly

body louse mantis

boll weevil Maori bug

bombardier beetle mason bee

booklouse mason wasp

bookworm May bug

borer mayfly

botfly meal beetle

braconid mealworm

bristletail mealy bug

buffalo gnat meat ant

bulb fly midge

bulldog ant mining bee

bumblebee minotaur beetle

burying beetle mole cricket

bush cricket mopane worm

butterfly mosquito

cabbage root fly moth

cabbageworm mud dauber

caddis fly museum beetle

cadelle musk beetle

camel cricket nostril fly

cankerworm oil beetle

carabid onion fly

cardinal beetle paper wasp

carpenter ant pharaoh ant

carpenter bee phylloxera

carpet beetle pill beetle

carrion beetle pinhole borer

carrot fly plant hopper

chafer plant louse

chalcid wasp pond skater

cheese fly potato beetle

chigger potter wasp

chinch bug powder-post beetle

Christmas beetle praying mantis

churchyard beetle raspberry beetle

cicada rat-tailed maggot

cigarette beetle rhinoceros beetle

click beetle robber fly

cluster fly root fly

cockchafer rose chafer

cockroach rove beetle

Colorado beetle St Mark's fly

conehead sandfly

corn borer sand wasp

corn earworm saucer bug

cotton-leaf worm sawfly

cotton stainer sawyer

crab louse scale insect

crane fly scarab

cricket scorpion fly

cuckoo bee screech beetle

cuckoo wasp screw worm

curculio sexton beetle

cutworm shield bug

daddy-long-legs silverfish

damsel bug skin beetle

damselfly slave-making ant

darkling beetle snake fly

darner snipe fly

darter snow flea

death-watch beetle soldier beetle

deer fly soldier fly

demoiselle Spanish fly

devil's coach-horse spider beetle

digger wasp spider-hunting wasp

diving beetle spittlebug

dobsonfly springtail

dor beetle spruce budworm

dragonfly squash bug

driver ant stable fly

drone fly stag beetle

drosophila stick insect

dung beetle stilt bug

dung fly stink bug

earwig stonefly

elm bark beetle stylops

emperor dragonfly tarantula hawk

fairy fly tent caterpillar

field cricket termite

fig wasp thrips

fire ant thunderbug

firebrat thunderfly

firefly tiger beetle

flea timberman

flea beetle tobacco beetle

flesh fly tortoise beetle

flour beetle treehopper

flower beetle tsetse fly

fly tumblebug

forest fly turtle bug

frit fly vedelia beetle

froghopper velvet ant

fruit fly warble fly

fungus beetle wart-biter

furniture beetle wasp

gadfly wasp beetle

gall midge water beetle

gall wasp water boatman

garden chafer water cricket

glow-worm water measurer

gnat water scorpion

gold beetle water strider

goliath beetle weaver ant

grain borer web-spinner

grain weevil webworm

grasshopper weevil

greenbottle weta

greenfly whirligig

greenhead white ant

ground beetle whitefly

groundhopper wireworm

hawker witchetty grub

head louse wood ant

Hercules beetle woodwasp

Hessian fly woodworm

hide beetle woolly bear

honey ant yellowjacket

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.