Meaning of MUSCLE in English

n. 25B6; noun

I've pulled a muscle. : See lists.

he had muscle but no brains : STRENGTH, power, muscularity, brawn, burliness; informal beef, beefiness; poetic/literary thew.

financial muscle : INFLUENCE, power, strength, might, force, forcefulness, weight; informal clout.


25A0; muscle in (informal) INTERFERE WITH, force one's way into, impose oneself on, encroach on; informal horn in on.

Human Muscles

muscle location

biceps arm

buccinator cheek

deltoid shoulder

detrusor bladder

digastric jaw

gastrocnemius leg

gluteus buttock

gracilis leg

iliacus pelvis/groin

intercostal ribs

latissimus back

masseter cheek/jaw

obturator pelvis

opponent muscle hand

pectoral chest

peroneal muscle leg

psoas spine/groin

quadriceps leg

rectus (abdominis) abdomen

rhomboideus shoulder

sartorius leg

scalenus neck/ribs

soleus leg

splenius neck/back

temporalis jaw

teres shoulder/arm

trapezius neck/shoulders

triceps arm

Types of Muscle

abductor extensor

adductor flexor

agonist levator

antagonist pronator

constrictor rotator

depressor skeletal

dilator sphincter

elevator supinator


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