Meaning of TRACK in English

~ 1

■ noun

1》 a rough path or minor road.

2》 a prepared course or circuit for racing.

3》 a mark or line of marks left by a person, animal, or vehicle in passing.

↘the course followed by someone or something.

4》 a continuous line of rails on a railway.

5》 a strip or rail along which something (e.g. a curtain) may be moved.

6》 a continuous articulated metal band around the wheels of a heavy vehicle such as a tank, facilitating movement over difficult ground.

7》 Electronics a continuous line of conductive material on a printed circuit board, connecting parts of a circuit.

8》 a section of a record, compact disc, or cassette tape containing one song or piece of music. [orig. denoting a groove on a gramophone record.]

↘a lengthwise strip of magnetic tape containing one sequence of signals.

9》 the transverse distance between a vehicle's wheels.

10》 US term for stream (in sense 3).

■ verb

1》 follow the course or movements of.

↘( ~ someone/thing down ) find someone or something after a lengthy search.

↘follow a course.

↘(of a stylus) follow (a groove in a record).

↘(of a film or television camera) move in relation to the subject being filmed. [with ref. to early filming when a camera was mobile by means of a ~.]

2》 (of wheels) run so that the back ones are exactly in the ~ of the front ones.

3》 Electronics (of a tunable circuit or component) vary in frequency in the same way as another circuit or component.

4》 ( ~ something up ) N. Amer. leave a trail of dirty footprints on a surface.

↘( ~ something in ) leave a trail of dirt or snow from one's feet.


keep (or lose ) ~ of keep (or fail to keep) fully aware of or informed about.

make ~s ( for ) informal leave (for a place).

on the right (or wrong ) ~ following a course likely to result in success (or failure).

on ~ following a course likely to achieve what is required.

stop (or be stopped ) in one's ~s informal be brought to a sudden and complete halt.

the wrong side of the ~s informal a poor or less prestigious part of town. [with ref. to the railway ~s of American towns, once serving as a line of demarcation between rich and poor quarters.]


~age noun ( N. Amer. ).

~less adjective


C15: the noun from OFr. trac , perh. from Low Ger. or Du. trek 'draught, drawing'; the verb from Fr. traquer or directly from the noun.


~ 2

■ verb tow (a canoe) along a waterway from the bank.


C18: appar. from Du. trekken 'to pull or travel'; the change in the vowel was due to assoc. with ~ 1 .

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.