Meaning of PELLES in English


[Arthurian] Pelles of Listeneise was a descendant of Joseph or Arimathea. He is the son of Pellam, brother of Pellinore, father of Elaine of Corbenic, and grandfather of Galahad. In some texts, Pelles is one of the Fisher Kings, but in Chrétien's Perceval the name of the Fisher King is never given and this is neither stated in the Perlesvaus. In the Didot-Perceval the Fisher King is Bron, Percival's grandfather, and not Pelles. In the Vulgate Cycle and Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, Pelles is Fisher King once again and receives visits of Bors, Galahad, and Percival, during their quests for the Holy Grail. Finally, the Queste del Saint Graal mentions Pelles as the Fisher King, but also tells that the Fisher King and Pelles are two distinct characters.

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