Meaning of BLOOMING in English


Picture distortion caused by a high video level. Blooming results when the image sensor of the video camera picks up a very bright subject or an area with high illumination. 2. It occurs when you drive the phosphors harder than they should be driven. Phosphors can only take so much energy from the electron beam. The amount of energy they can take is partially limited by their ability to dissipate heat. In a black and white set, where the phosphors are continuous, heat dissipation is better than in a color set where phosphors are tiny, isolated areas; stripes in the case of most consumers TV sets, small dots in the case of many high resolution computer monitors. In CRT based projectors, phosphors are liquid cooled to increase their light output capability. Blooming causes a softening of edges, a lack of gray scale detail near white, and often a change in color quality. Keeping a set out of blooming is therefore important to a good picture. Doing that requires turning the Contrast control way down.

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