Meaning of ALGOL 68 in English


< language > An extensive revision of ALGOL 60 by Adriaan van Wijngaarden et al. ALGOL 68 was discussed from 1963 by Working Group 2.1 of IFIP . Its definition was accepted in December 1968.

ALGOL 68 was complex, and posed difficulties for both implementors and users. It featured structural equivalence ; automatic type conversion (" coercion ") including dereferencing ; flexible arrays ; generalised loops (for-from-by-to-while-do-od), if-then-elif-fi, an integer case statement with an 'out' clause; skip and goto statements; blocks; procedures; user-defined operators; procedure parameters ; concurrent execution (cobegin/coend); semaphores ; generators "heap" and "loc" for dynamic allocation . It had no abstract data types or separate compilation .


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