Meaning of KALEIDOSCOPE in English

< language > An object-oriented language which mixes imperative and constraint -oriented features. Kaleidoscope was written by Freeman-Benson of the University of Washington , Universite de Nantes , 1989; University of Victoria , 1992. It is similar to Siri and vaguely related to Prose .

Versions: Kaleidoscope '90 and Kaleidoscope '91.

["Kaleidoscope: Mixing Objects, Constraints and Imperative Programming", B.N. Freeman-Benson, SIGPLAN Notices 25(10):77-88 (OOPSLA/ECOOP '90) (Oct 1990)].

["Constraint Imperative Programming", B.N. Freeman-Benson, Ph.D. Thesis, TR 91-07-02, U Wash (1991)].

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