Meaning of M2 in English

A Modula-2 compiler for VAX and MIPS . A Pascal compiler for VAX is also included. The Pascal compiler accepts a language that is almost identical to Berkeley Pascal . It was originally designed and built by Michael L. Powell in 1984. Joel McCormack made it faster, fixed lots of bugs, and swiped/wrote a User's Manual. Len Lattanzi ported it to the MIPS.

It has the following extensions: foreign function and data interface, dynamic array variables, subarray parameter s, multi-dimensional open array parameter s, inline procedure s, longfloat type, type-checked interface to C library I/O routines.

It runs on VAX ( Ultrix , BSD ) and MIPS ( Ultrix ).

ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/DEC/Modula-2/m2.tar.Z .

E-mail: modula-2@decwrl.pa.dec.com .


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