Meaning of SATHER in English

< language > /Say-ther/ (Named after the Sather Tower at UCB , as opposed to the Eiffel Tower).

An interactive object-oriented language designed by Steve M. Omohundro at ICSI in 1991. Sather has simple syntax , similar to Eiffel , but it is non-proprietary and faster.

Sather 0.2 was nearly a subset of Eiffel 2.0, but Sather 1.0 adds many distinctive features: parameterised class es, multiple inheritance , statically-checked strong typing , garbage collection . The compiler generates C as an intermediate language . There are versions for most workstation s.

Sather attempts to retain much of Eiffel 's theoretical cleanliness and simplicity while achieving the efficiency of C++ . The compiler generates efficient and portable C code which is easily integrated with existing code.

A variety of development tools including a debugger and browser based on gdb and a GNU Emacs development environment have also been written. There is also a class library with several hundred classes that implement a variety of basic data structures and numerical, geometric, connectionist, statistical, and graphical abstractions. The authors would like to encourage contributions to the library and hope to build a large collection of efficient, well-written, well-tested classes in a variety of areas of computer science.

Sather runs on Sun-4 , HP9000 /300, Decstation 5000, MIPS , Sony News 3000, Sequent / Dynix , SCO SysV R3.2, NeXT , Linux .

See also dpSather , pSather , Sather-K . .

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