Meaning of SQL in English

< language , database , standard > /S Q L/ An industry-standard language for creating, updating and, querying relational database management systems .

SQL was developed by IBM in the 1970s for use in System R . It is the de facto standard as well as being an ISO and ANSI standard . It is often embedded in general purpose programming languages.

The first SQL standard, in 1986, provided basic language constructs for defining and manipulating tables of data; a revision in 1989 added language extensions for referential integrity and generalised integrity constraints . Another revision in 1992 provided facilities for schema manipulation and data administration , as well as substantial enhancements for data definition and data manipulation.

Development is currently underway to enhance SQL into a computationally complete language for the definition and management of persistent , complex objects. This includes: generalisation and specialisation hierarchies, multiple inheritance , user defined data types , triggers and assertions , support for knowledge based systems , recursive query expressions , and additional data administration tools. It also includes the specification of abstract data types (ADTs), object identifiers, methods , inheritance , polymorphism , encapsulation , and all of the other facilities normally associated with object data management.

The emerging SQL3 standard is expected to be complete in 1998.

According to Allen G. Taylor, SQL does _not_ stand for "Structured Query Language". That, like "SEQUEL" (and its pronunciation /see'kw*l/), was just another unofficial name for a precursor of SQL. However, the IBM SQL Reference manual for DB2 and Craig Mullins's "DB2 Developer's Guide" say SQL _does_ stand for "Structured Query Language".

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