Meaning of THEORY in English

open/closed principle Algebra of Communicating Processes combinator semantics domain theory Isabelle projection canonicity Array Theory category linear type complete partial ordering powerdomain predomain beta conversion lifted domain complete metric space alpha conversion axiomatic semantics linear logic operational semantics linear argument autoprojector Gottlob Frege bottom CA model checking syntax tree deterministic automaton recursion theory bounded lattice monad reduction strategy delta reduction minimal automaton FSM relational algebra Actors ideal directed set reflexive discriminated union distributive lattice Bird-Meertens Formalism evaluator inclusive eta conversion state static analysis entropy denotational semantics abstract interpretation algebraic least upper bound Busy Beaver Finite State Machine sum decision problem head-strict Head Normal Form sticky analysis pi-calculus closed term Liskov substitution principle closure conversion set complement backward analysis effective computable greatest lower bound axiomatic set theory coalesced sum pointed domain nondeterministic automaton polymorphism type assignment typed lambda-calculus type

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