Meaning of CHEAP in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ tʃi:p ]

adj. & adv. --adj. 1 low in price; worth more than its cost (a cheap holiday; cheap labour). 2 charging low prices; offering good value (a cheap restaurant). 3 of poor quality; inferior (cheap housing). 4 a costing little effort or acquired by discreditable means and hence of little worth (cheap popularity; a cheap joke). b contemptible; despicable (a cheap criminal). --adv. cheaply (got it cheap). øcheap and nasty of low cost and bad quality. dirt cheap very cheap. feel cheap feel ashamed or contemptible. on the cheap cheaply. øøcheapish adj. cheaply adv. cheapness n. [obs. phr. good cheap f. cheap a bargain f. OE ceap barter, ult. f. L caupo innkeeper]

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