Meaning of HOLY in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈhəulɪ ]

adj. (holier, holiest) 1 morally and spiritually excellent or perfect, and to be revered. 2 belonging to, devoted to, or empowered by, God. 3 consecrated, sacred. 4 used in trivial exclamations (holy cow!; holy mackerel!; holy Moses!; holy smoke!). øholier-than-thou colloq. self-righteous. Holy City 1 a city held sacred by the adherents of a religion, esp. Jerusalem. 2 Heaven. Holy Communion see COMMUNION. Holy Cross Day the festival of the Exaltation of the Cross, 14 Sept. holy day a religious festival. Holy Family the young Jesus with his mother and St Joseph (often with St John the Baptist, St Anne, etc.) as grouped in pictures etc. Holy Father the Pope. Holy Ghost = Holy Spirit. Holy Grail see GRAIL. holy Joe orig. Naut. sl. 1 a clergyman. 2 a pious person. Holy Land 1 W. Palestine, esp. Judaea. 2 a region similarly revered in non-Christian religions. Holy Name RC Ch. the name of Jesus as an object of formal devotion. Holy Office the Inquisition. holy of holies 1 the inner chamber of the sanctuary in the Jewish temple, separated by a veil from the outer chamber. 2 an innermost shrine. 3 a thing regarded as most sacred. holy orders see ORDER. holy place 1 (in pl.) places to which religious pilgrimage is made. 2 the outer chamber of the sanctuary in the Jewish temple. holy roller sl. a member of a religious group characterized by frenzied excitement or trances. Holy Roman Empire see ROMAN. Holy Rood Day 1 the festival of the Invention of the Cross, 3 May. 2 = Holy Cross Day. Holy Sacrament see SACRAMENT. Holy Saturday Saturday in Holy Week. Holy Scripture the Bible. Holy See the papacy or the papal court. Holy Spirit the Third Person of the Trinity, God as spiritually acting. holy terror see TERROR. Holy Thursday 1 Anglican Ch. Ascension Day. 2 RC Ch. Maundy Thursday. Holy Trinity see TRINITY. holy war a war waged in support of a religious cause. holy water water dedicated to holy uses, or blessed by a priest. Holy Week the week before Easter. Holy Writ holy writings collectively, esp. the Bible. Holy Year RC Ch. a period of remission from the penal consequences of sin, granted under certain conditions for a year usu. at intervals of 25 years. [OE halig f. Gmc, rel. to WHOLE]

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