Meaning of DNS in English

The D omain N ame S ystem is how the Internet links together the thousands of Networks that it is comprised of. The DNS is utilised whenever you send an Email or access a particular Web Page . Each computer on the Internet has a one of more Domain Names such as "fredbloggs.co.uk". The .co indicates a commercial organisation & the .uk indicates that the computer is in the United Kingdom.

Standard conventions used in Domain Names include:-

ac - Educational institution

co - Commercial organisation

com - Commercial organisation

edu - Educational institution

gov - Non military government organisations

int - International Organisations

mil - Military government organisations

net - Networks

org - non profit organisation

You will also see these codes in URL's such as


These DNS converts the Domain Names to a unique number known as an IP address (the IP stands for Internet Protocol). You will often see the IP address displayed by your Web Browser when you are connecting to a particular computer.

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