Meaning of MPC in English

A M ultimedia PC refers to combinations of PC hardware that meet multimedia hardware-combination (e.g., audio and video boards for computers) standards set by the Multimedia Marketing Council to make multimedia hardware products of vendors more compatible. The MPC1 Level 1 standard requires a 386 PC with a minimum of 2 Mb of RAM. The MPC2 Level 2 standard requires a 486SX or greater PC with 4 Mb of RAM. A variety of PC manufacturers use the MPC trademark. Consumers can then be assured that MPC hardware from one vendor will be compatible with hardware of another vendor. Also, software written for MPC hardware should run on any MPC equipment. The term is generally used in conjunction with CD-ROM multimedia hardware. A CD-ROM player, for example, should run on a computer with an MPC trademark provided the player is MPC compatible. It is probably best not to invest in multimedia PC hardware that is not compatible with MPC standards. In the future, MPC standards will dwindle in importance as more and more vendors build audio and video hardware on the motherboard rather than as boards to place into expansion slots. However, Spanbauer (1993b) , p. 42) observes that MPCs will "hang on" into the near future due to the number of computer manufacturers that find them to be lower cost and lower price alternatives. Brown and Lombardi (1994) review the new Level 2 MPC upgrade kits and provide consumer ratings of the vendor alternatives. A review of hardware options is given in NewMedia, July 15, 1996, p. 19. (See also MIDI and MCI )

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