Meaning of DISABLED in English


1. disabled

2. a physical or mental problem that makes someone disabled

3. not disabled


unable to see : ↑ SEE (11-12)

unable to hear : ↑ HEAR (6)

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1. disabled

▷ disabled /dɪsˈeɪb ə ld/ [adjective]

someone who is disabled cannot use a part of their body, for example their legs or their arms :

▪ David goes to a special school for disabled children.

▪ Her son is disabled and she has to take care of him all the time.

the disabled

▪ The governor has guaranteed health care for pregnant women, preschool children, and the disabled.

disabled toilets/parking etc

for disabled people

▷ handicapped /ˈhændɪkæpt/ [adjective]

someone who is handicapped has serious difficulty using part of their body or mind :

▪ She works with handicapped teenagers.

mentally handicapped

handicapped in the mind

▪ a school for mentally handicapped children

▷ special needs /ˌspeʃ ə l ˈniːdz/ [plural noun]

people with special needs need different teaching methods, special equipment etc because they are physically or mentally disabled :

have special needs/with special needs

▪ a school for children with special needs

▷ learning difficulties /ˈlɜʳnɪŋ ˌdɪfɪk ə ltiz/ [plural noun]

people with learning difficulties have difficulty learning at the same rate as most other people :

▪ He’s studying to teach children who have learning difficulties.

2. a physical or mental problem that makes someone disabled

▷ disability /ˌdɪsəˈbɪlɪti, ˌdɪsəˈbɪləti/ [countable/uncountable noun]

a problem with part of your body which makes it difficult for you to walk, talk, see etc :

▪ There are special courses for people with disabilities.

▪ Because of his disability, he depended on his wife to dress him, feed him and bathe him.

learning disability

▪ Studies say exposure to loud continuous noise can cause learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children.

▷ handicap /ˈhændɪkæp/ [countable/uncountable noun]

a mental or physical problem that makes someone disabled :

▪ We help people with mental or physical handicaps to find work.

▪ Babies of alcoholic mothers can be born with a severe degree of handicap.

3. not disabled

▷ able-bodied /ˌeɪb ə l ˈbɒdid◂ǁ-ˈbɑː-/ [adjective]

not disabled - use this when you are comparing disabled people with people who are not disabled :

▪ Disabled students face different problems from their able-bodied friends.

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