Meaning of SUITABLE in English



1. suitable for a particular situation, job, purpose etc

2. exactly suitable for a particular situation, job, purpose etc

3. when two people are suitable for each other

4. when two things are good when done, eaten etc together




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1. suitable for a particular situation, job, purpose etc

▷ suitable /ˈsuːtəb ə l, ˈsjuː-ǁˈsuː-/ [adjective]

something or someone that is suitable is the right type of thing or person for a purpose, job, or situation :

▪ I still haven’t found a suitable job.

▪ You must wear something suitable - preferably black.

suitable for

▪ The house would be suitable for a large family.

▪ Plants of this type are suitable for use in an aquarium.

eminently suitable

very suitable

▪ The property is centrally located and eminently suitable for our purposes.

suitably [adverb]

▪ Few of the young people were dressed suitably for the wedding.

▷ right /raɪt/ [adjective]

suitable. Right is used more in informal language than suitable :

▪ I don’t know the right word to describe it.

▪ We’ve been thinking about selling the house, but I’m not sure the time is right.

▪ We all agree that Carey is the right person for the job.

right for

▪ It’s a good school, but it wasn’t really right for Melissa.

▷ proper /ˈprɒpəʳǁˈprɑː-/ [adjective only before noun]

suitable for a particular purpose or situation :

▪ You can’t climb a mountain without the proper equipment.

▪ I can’t make the repairs without the proper tools or materials.

▪ With proper training, most people can learn leadership skills.

properly [adverb]

▪ The machine operators had not been properly trained.

▷ appropriate /əˈprəʊpri-ɪt, əˈprəʊpri-ət/ [adjective]

suitable for a situation or purpose - use this especially about something that has been carefully chosen for a particular situation :

▪ You will be given your orders at the appropriate time.

▪ Considering what he did, I think the punishment was appropriate.

appropriate for

▪ Each member is given a special exercise routine that is appropriate for his or her needs

appropriately [adverb]

▪ his manner at the funeral was appropriately solemn.

▷ good /gʊd/ [adjective] especially spoken

very suitable for a purpose or job - use this especially when there are several suitable people or things to choose from :

▪ Bates would be a good person to have on the team.

▪ Would now be a good time to discuss the plans for the conference?

good for

▪ The big jars are good for storing rice or pasta.

▷ suit /suːt, sjuːtǁsuːt/ [transitive verb not in passive]

something that suits a person, purpose, situation etc is suitable for them :

▪ This is a job that would suit someone with a lot of experience abroad.

▪ They found us a house close to the campus, which suited us very well.

suit somebody’s needs

▪ Make sure you choose a computer that suits your needs.

suit somebody fine/well/perfectly

▪ The weather here suits me fine.

▷ be suited to /biː ˈsuːtə̇d tuː/ [verb phrase]

if someone or something is suited to a situation, purpose, or job they have the qualities that make them suitable for it :

▪ Wearing a suit and tie just is not suited to a tropical climate.

▪ Do you think his personality is suited to a career in teaching?

ideally/well/perfectly suited to something

▪ The electric car is well suited to the needs of city drivers.

▷ be cut out for /biː ˌkʌt ˈaʊt fɔːʳ/ [verb phrase]

if someone is cut out for a particular job, they have personal qualities that are suitable for it and are therefore likely to succeed at it - use this especially in questions and negative sentences :

▪ Maybe he’s just not cut out for an acting career.

▪ She knew she was cut out for more than scrubbing floors and doing laundry.

▷ lends itself to /ˈlendz ɪtself tuː/ [verb phrase]

if something lends itself to being used in a particular way, it has qualities that make it easy and suitable for using in that way :

▪ Many of his poems lend themselves to songs very easily.

▪ The marshy land at the mouth of the Neva River hardly lent itself to habitation.

2. exactly suitable for a particular situation, job, purpose etc

▷ just right /ˌdʒʌst ˈraɪt/ [adjective phrase]

exactly suitable :

▪ I moved into a small apartment close to the college - it was just right.

just right for

▪ Your new dress will be just right for the party.

just the right colour/size/age etc

▪ We found a cashmere scarf that was just the right color.

▪ Setting the mood for romance means candlelight and just the right music.

▷ ideal /aɪˈdiəl/ [adjective]

the ideal thing or person is the most suitable one you can possibly choose, when there are many to choose from :

▪ The trip is difficult, even under ideal conditions.

▪ If you could complete the report by Friday, that would be ideal.

ideal for

▪ With its tough suspension and 4-wheel drive, the truck is ideal for driving in the desert.

▷ be made for /biː ˈmeɪd fɔːʳ/ [verb phrase]

to be exactly right for a particular job or purpose :

▪ The job is made for someone like you.

▪ In the garden stood an old apple tree with low branches, just made for climbing.

▷ fit the bill /ˌfɪt ðə ˈbɪl/ [verb phrase not in progressive or passive]

to have exactly the qualities needed to be suitable for a particular job, situation etc :

▪ We know what kind of house we want, but we haven’t yet found one that fits the bill.

▪ I need someone who can speak both French and Spanish. Do you know anyone who fits the bill?

3. when two people are suitable for each other

▷ compatible /kəmˈpætɪb ə l, kəmˈpætəb ə l/ [adjective]

able to have a very good relationship with each other, because you have characters, interests, qualities etc that go well together :

▪ Compatible couples generally share the same values and have similar lifestyles and goals.

▪ The success of a relationship depends largely on how compatible two people are and how well they communicate.

compatibility /kəmˌpætɪˈbɪləti, kəmˌpætəˈbɪləti/ [uncountable noun]

▪ Compatibility is just as important as romantic love.

▷ be well-matched also be well-suited British /biː ˌwel ˈmætʃt, biː ˌwel ˈsuːtə̇d/ [verb phrase]

if two people are well-matched or well-suited, they are suitable for each other because they agree about most things, like and dislike the same things etc :

▪ They’re a well-matched pair. He’s ambitious, and she’ll back him all the way.

▪ Selina and I are very well-suited to each other. We seem to agree about most things.

▷ be made for each other /biː ˈmeɪd fər iːtʃ ˌʌðəʳ/ [verb phrase]

if two people are made for each other, they are naturally very suitable for each other :

▪ Sam and Ellie are made for each other. I just can’t think of either of them with anyone else.

▪ When they met in Paris last fall, they fell immediately in love and knew they were made for each other.

▷ be a perfect match/pair/couple /biː ə ˌpɜːʳfɪkt ˈmætʃ, ˈpeəʳ, ˈkʌp ə l/ [verb phrase]

to be exactly suitable for each other :

▪ Isn’t it great that Will and Sue are getting married? I really think they are a perfect match.

▪ They’re a perfect couple - Joe has charm and Delia has money.

▷ be right for also be the right one/person/man/woman etc for /biː ˈraɪt fɔːʳ, biː ðə ˌraɪt ˈwʌn fɔːʳ/ [verb phrase]

if someone is right for someone else or the right one for them, they have the type of character, interests etc that make them likely to have a very good relationship with that person :

▪ She’s a nice girl, but I don’t think she’s right for my brother.

▪ As soon as I met him, I knew he was the right one for me.

▷ be ideally suited /biː aɪˌdɪəli ˈsuːtə̇d/ [verb phrase] British

if two people are ideally suited, they are so suitable for each other that it would be very difficult to find a better relationship :

▪ They are both as mad as each other. Ideally suited I would say.

be ideally suited for

▪ Malcom will be ideally suited for Angela. They have such a lot in common.

4. when two things are good when done, eaten etc together

▷ go together/go with /ˈgəʊ təˌgeðəʳ, ˈgəʊ wɪð/ [verb phrase not in progressive]

if two things go together, or if one of them goes with the other, they are suitable for each other :

▪ Lamb goes very well with herbs such as rosemary and thyme.

▪ Do this skirt and blouse go together?

▪ The company’s old headquarters didn’t go with their corporate image.

▷ be just right with /biː ˌdʒʌst ˈraɪt wɪð/ [verb phrase]

if one thing is just right with another, it goes with the other :

▪ The wine is just right with a grilled steak.

be just the right thing with something

▪ This jacket will be just the right thing with my blue skirt.

▷ complement /ˈkɒmplɪment, ˈkɒmpləmentǁˈkɑːm-/ [transitive verb not in progressive]

if one type of food or drink complements another, it improves the taste because they taste good together :

▪ The wine complemented the meal perfectly.

▪ The chicken dish is complemented by wild rice or spiced couscous.

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