Meaning of UNFASTEN in English


1. to fasten something

2. to unfasten something


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1. to fasten something

▷ fasten /ˈfɑːs ə nǁˈfæ-/ [transitive verb]

to join together the two sides of a piece of clothing, bag, belt etc, so that it is closed :

▪ Fasten your coat - it’s cold outside.

▪ He fastened the bracelet for her.

▪ Ella fastened her blouse with shaking fingers.

fastened [adjective not before noun]

▪ Please keep your seat belts fastened.

▷ button/button up /ˈbʌtn, ˌbʌtn ˈʌp/ [transitive verb/transitive phrasal verb]

to fasten the buttons on a piece of clothing :

▪ He began buttoning his shirt and putting on his tie.

▪ Stone buttoned up his heavy jacket.

button something up/button up something

▪ She buttoned her cardigan up all the way to her neck.

▪ I adjusted my tie and buttoned up my coat.

buttoned up [adjective]

▪ It was cold and his coat was completely buttoned up.

▷ zip up [transitive phrasal verb] also zip /ˌzɪp ˈʌp, zɪp/ [transitive verb] especially American

to fasten clothes, bags etc with a zip :

▪ I can’t zip up these jeans - they’re too tight.

▪ Can you zip my dress for me?

zip something up

▪ She took some money out of her purse and quickly zipped it up again.

zip up something

▪ Roger zipped up the battered black case he carried his guitar in.

zipped up [adjective not before noun]

▪ My sleeping bag was fully zipped up.

▷ do up /ˌduː ˈʌp/ [transitive phrasal verb] British especially spoken

to fasten clothes, or the buttons, zips etc on clothes :

do up something

▪ Come on then, do up your coat and let’s go.

▪ When I walked into the room, Allen was doing up his trousers.

do something up

▪ I can’t do this zip up - it’s stuck.

▪ Are your shoelaces done up properly?

done up /ˌdʌn ˈʌp/ [adjective not before noun]

▪ The toggles on his duffel coat were done up wrongly.

▷ tie /taɪ/ [transitive verb]

to fasten something by making a knot :

▪ She tied a scarf around her neck.

▪ Do you know how to tie a bow tie?

▷ buckle up [intransitive phrasal verb] also buckle [transitive verb] American /ˌbʌk ə l ˈʌp, ˈbʌk ə l/

to fasten your seatbelt in a car :

▪ Eighty percent of motorists now buckle up, studies show.

▪ Nancy got behind the wheel and buckled up.

▪ The new law will require passengers in the rear seats of automobiles to buckle their seatbelts.

2. to unfasten something

▷ unfasten /ʌnˈfɑːs ə nǁ-ˈfæ-/ [transitive verb]

to open the two sides of a piece of clothing, bag, belt etc :

▪ It was hot in the waiting-room, so I unfastened my coat.

▪ Jack unfastened his seatbelt and stepped out of the car.

unfastened [adjective not before noun]

▪ The back of her dress was unfastened.

▷ undo /ʌnˈduː/ [transitive verb]

to unfasten clothes or unfasten buttons, zips etc on clothes :

▪ My fingers were so cold that I couldn’t undo the buttons.

▪ Rosie undid her necklace and put it on the bedside table.

undone /ʌnˈdʌn/ [adjective not before noun]

▪ Your zip’s undone!

come undone

become unfastened

▪ One of his shoelaces had come undone.

▷ unbutton /ʌnˈbʌtn/ [transitive verb]

to unfasten the buttons on a piece of clothing :

▪ She slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

▪ Father Poole began to unbutton his overcoat.

unbuttoned [adjective not before noun]

▪ His shirt was completely unbuttoned.

▷ unzip /ʌnˈzɪp/ [transitive verb]

to unfasten clothes, bags etc by unfastening a zip :

▪ She unzipped the case and took out a thick file.

▪ He unzipped his jacket and flung it on a chair.

unzipped [adjective]

▪ An unzipped bag was sitting on one of the benches.

▷ untie /ʌnˈtaɪ/ [transitive verb]

to unfasten the knot that fastens shoes, a tie, a scarf etc :

▪ He untied his right shoe first.

▪ Amy untied her apron and folded it neatly.

untied [adjective]

▪ He’s always walking around with his shoelaces untied.

▷ loosen /ˈluːs ə n/ [transitive verb]

to unfasten clothes a little in order to make yourself more comfortable :

▪ I’d eaten so much that I had to loosen my belt.

▪ Carter took off his jacket and loosened his tie.

▷ open /ˈəʊpən/ [adjective]

a shirt, bag etc that is open is not fastened :

▪ It was very hot and the men had their shirts open to the waist.

▪ Emily realised that her handbag was open and her money gone.

come open

become open accidentally

▪ Her blouse came open in front of a nationwide TV audience!

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