Meaning of ABBEY in English






The original town had been founded with a new market place in 1135-9 by the Benedictine abbey there.


At Pipewell in Northamptonshire, earthworks remain of the pre-existing hamlet, mixed up with earthworks of the Cistercian abbey buildings.


It had magnificent vaults based on the conceptions of Imperial Rome and was one of the great abbeys of its age.


At home the prevailing taste was for more picturesque remains, ruined abbeys and medieval churches.

For a second or two the moon escapes from behind the rushing clouds casting silvery shadows on the ruined abbey .

At that moment they reached the ruined abbey and she fell silent at its sheer beauty.

St Albans with its Verulamium, ruined abbey and rose gardens is 15 miles away.



Early the next morning Benjamin attended mass in the abbey church then roused me.

The abbey church is a magnificent example of these domed churches; it is 275 feet long.

From Chinon Henry's body was carried to Fontevraud and laid in the abbey church .

Several large abbey churches survive, mainly built in brick, and all carefully restored.

It was probably used by travellers and villagers as the abbey church would, most likely, have served only the monks.

He visited his father's body where it lay in the abbey church of Fontrevault.

He cast a bell for the newly rebuilt abbey church .

A fine example of this type of abbey church is that at Løgumkloster, founded in 1173 by the Cistercian Order.


A land where meandering rivers flow through breathtaking scenery and beside magnificent abbeys and castles.

At Bury, for instance, the abbey owned the whole site and could lay it out as it pleased.

At home the prevailing taste was for more picturesque remains, ruined abbeys and medieval churches.

But the history and the atmosphere of Kirkstead does not end at the abbey ruins.

Opposite, the fields of the abbey stretched to its grey stone walls.

The abbey was surrendered the same year.

Today this is grazing land for sheep, as most of the surrounding area has been since the founding of the abbey .

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