Meaning of ABSOLUTELY in English



absolutely amazed

We were absolutely amazed at his rapid recovery.

absolutely appalled

When I heard what had happened I was absolutely appalled .

absolutely appalling

The weather was absolutely appalling .

absolutely brilliant

The film was absolutely brilliant .

absolutely critical

It is absolutely critical for us to know the truth.

absolutely crucial

Technology has an absolutely crucial role in modern medicine.

absolutely exhausted

I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got home.

absolutely fascinating

That sounds absolutely fascinating .

absolutely furious

She was absolutely furious .

absolutely gorgeous

‘What do you think of my new flatmate?’ ‘He’s absolutely gorgeous !’

absolutely hysterical

It was absolutely hysterical ! I’ve never laughed so much.

absolutely impossible ( also utterly impossible formal )

It is absolutely impossible to drive in these conditions.

absolutely nothing

There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

absolutely perfect

His sight is absolutely perfect.

absolutely right

You’re absolutely right.

absolutely scrumptious

That was absolutely scrumptious !

absolutely spotless

By the time she had finished the house was absolutely spotless .

absolutely sure

Don’t throw anything away until you are absolutely sure you won’t need it again.

absolutely vital

Vitamins are absolutely vital for good health.

absolutely/perfectly clear

His answer was perfectly clear.

absolutely/perfectly/entirely correct (= completely correct )

What he said was perfectly correct.

absolutely/really essential

It is absolutely essential to keep this information secret.

absolutely/really necessary

The police are advising motorists to travel only if their journey is absolutely necessary.

absolutely/utterly etc disgraceful

Their behaviour was absolutely disgraceful.

absolutely/utterly ridiculous

You look absolutely ridiculous in that short skirt.

absolutely/utterly/completely meaningless

a statistic that is absolutely meaningless

be strictly/expressly/absolutely etc forbidden

Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

completely/totally/absolutely useless

The treatment is completely useless.




The Heguy cousins were absolutely brilliant , and both played a wonderful game, scoring most of the goals between them!

And-guess what-it sounds absolutely brilliant . $ band pieces are impressive enough.

Admit it - as scams go, this one is absolutely brilliant .

I've just bought Moby's album, Play-it's absolutely brilliant .

The fashion parade was absolutely brilliant .


It's 99% certain the deal will go through but doesn't want to identify the company until it's absolutely certain.

No state requires that you be absolutely certain , before you file a report, that abuse is taking place.

He was so sure he was right, so sure he knew everything, so absolutely certain she deserved his dislike.

Consciousness, without any further necessary conclusions, is the only fact of which consciousness can be absolutely certain .

But you could rarely be absolutely certain .

No laboratory test or pathological finding can make an absolutely certain diagnosis of sarcoidosis.

The only absolutely certain thing in this life is death.

Nor is it absolutely certain that that experience differs in any fundamental way from that of past eras.


The precise relationship between these two meanings of unreasonable is not absolutely clear .

Try these strategies to prevent these words from ever being uttered:-First, make all rules absolutely clear !

This makes it absolutely clear that the early road and the drains belong in a mid to late second-century context.

This statement should be absolutely clear in the minds of everyone concerned.

What is absolutely clear is that the three prisoners have themselves vehemently protested their innocence from day one.

Our own door gunners were not allowed to fire unless they saw an absolutely clear target.

Mr. Allan Stewart I can make the position absolutely clear .

Her hair is pure white, her face covered with spidery lines, but her eyes are absolutely clear , sparkling.


His essential point, that those who hold information hold power, is absolutely correct .

Mr. Lilley My hon. Friend is absolutely correct .

Partly, it seems, from reluctance to condemn ourselves or our parents for actions that appeared absolutely correct at the time.

Papert says that the idea for the centre was absolutely correct .


Section 58 is not quite as absolutely critical as that case had suggested.

We already keep under review financial contributions to the support group, because clearing the arrears to the IFIs is absolutely critical .

Their work was absolutely critical to the mission of the company.


It is absolutely crucial to the lives of the small creatures that the rock is returned precisely where it was found.

Finding that balance is absolutely crucial .

It is not surprising, then, that banks play an absolutely crucial role in the monetary system.

It's important in small conferences where there are limited numbers moving slowly, but for bigger events it's absolutely crucial .

In the effort to distribute accurate information, keeping journalists and politicians well informed is absolutely crucial .

In return, there are two things which are absolutely crucial .


Needless to say, the police were already familiar with the thief and absolutely delighted upon the production of such unambiguous evidence.


This is going to be a long and difficult task; difficult, but in my view, absolutely essential .

Painstaking accuracy was not absolutely essential to the needs of agriculture, however.

Window locks are fairly cheap and absolutely essential .

It is absolutely essential that a knowledgeable person with budget experience examine your proposal section on budget.

In this position it is absolutely essential that the receptionist remains cool, calm and in control of the situation.

One Systern now being scrutinized is absolutely essential for the proper wiring up of neurons in the brain of the developing fetus.

But it is absolutely essential that these reforms are directed from within, according to the wishes of the Association's own members.

Bracing the right leg and hip during the backswing is absolutely essential .


No editor is absolutely free to do what he/she desires.

Thereafter, the power is produced absolutely free of any form of pollution.

I must be absolutely free to work as I like and I can not compose in public.

The expression of facts and ideas and opinions never can be absolutely free .

We are giving away 5 Retros, worth £24.95, absolutely free .

Subscription to the list is absolutely free and there is no commercial exploitation or hidden costs.

We've got 5 to give way, absolutely free .


So we went up, and we got to know him, and he was absolutely gorgeous , of course.

Yeh, he's absolutely gorgeous .

Denice thinks she's absolutely gorgeous .


Initially scheduled for Basingstoke on February 9, the trial was postponed when heavy snowfalls made travel absolutely impossible for many athletes.

Either he was insane and already suffering from hallucinations, or something absolutely impossible was happening.

Lee was on a downslope, and it seemed absolutely impossible for him to finish close.


The Prime Minister had asked not to be disturbed unless it was absolutely necessary .

Use faxes and phones-only when absolutely necessary .

Though such feelings are usually also involved in our intimate, affectionate relationships, they are not absolutely necessary to them.

It is absolutely necessary that the umma root its security somewhere else than in the ban on free thought.

He wouldn't keep her here any longer than was absolutely necessary , would he?

On the other hand, honesty is an absolutely necessary policy as a matter of principle and also credibility.

Henningsvær is so quiet, and the sun so warming that a beer is absolutely necessary in a rather super establishment.

All the components of the Pythagorean model interlock, each absolutely necessary to the proper operation of the whole.


It's absolutely perfect for what I want, and there was some one else after it.

He wore a pale green business shirt, and his shave was absolutely perfect , even as midafternoon came and went.

Its feel is absolutely perfect for my typing style, being positive and clicky, with plenty of travel.

This would be, he thought suddenly, the absolutely perfect moment for his father to kidnap him.

Speaking as a father of three, this sounds absolutely perfect but I do have one worry.

This is absolutely perfect if you need to know what the stars hold at a moment's notice.

Unfortunately, Mary then decided her parking wasn't absolutely perfect .

The biological engineering is absolutely perfect .


Never accept ActiveX controls unless you're absolutely positive they're from a reputable firm.


Now he'd put all the facts together the story sounded absolutely ridiculous .

She looked absolutely ridiculous and she knew it.


I hate Brad too, and I hate to say it, but sometimes he's absolutely right .

I think Lear is absolutely right .

Miss Widdecombe My hon. Friend is absolutely right .

My hon. Friend is absolutely right in the tribute that he pays.

You're absolutely right Stephen, the formula should be W - gremlins in the computer again!

He was particularly proud of his drawings and made many in order to discover the absolutely right pose or disposition of the hands.


And make absolutely sure the policy you buy covers you for winter sports and not just travel.

I am absolutely sure that my friend Jimmy Wall and I failed in our attempt to set a record.

And until she's sure , you can't be absolutely sure yourself.

And one final thing, just to make absolutely sure .

First, research workers must be absolutely sure they know what the statistics are about.

But Elise was absolutely sure you did.

Pleas don't commit yourself unless you're absolutely sure of your true feelings.

She didn't think so, but she wasn't absolutely sure .


Mr. Curry I am sure that that is absolutely true .

That's absolutely true as far as I am concerned.

Uncanny, perhaps, but absolutely true .

Mr. Lilley Indeed: that is absolutely true .

But this is not absolutely true , he adds.

It is absolutely true that many forms of modern, intensive livestock production are extremely inefficient.


Speed, as I said in Chapter 5, is absolutely vital .

But humor, of course, is absolutely vital to regaining a sense of self-worth.

This requires suitable systems and procedures, and is absolutely vital at a time of considerable change.

They each need other but some are absolutely vital to a successful production.

So, vitamins and minerals complement the other nutrients and are absolutely vital for good health.

Our trusty electric breaker was called for, and ear defenders were handed out - they were absolutely vital !

The scheme embodied in the Bill is absolutely vital for the future of Cardiff.

It is absolutely vital to the sales of a popular car, a hi-fi radio, a camera or an evening dress.


They were absolutely wonderful , those things.

Duck sausage is an absolutely wonderful addition to many dishes.

At the moment they think being with their parents is absolutely wonderful and that's not going to last for ever.

The humiliation of standing beside a woman who smelt, dressed and looked absolutely wonderful was doing little for her ego.

She's absolutely wonderful with the children.

Male speaker It's absolutely wonderful - to be given a new lease of life. you're given a second chance.

Discomfited, Harbour blurted out that he thought Dangerous Corner a wonderful play, absolutely wonderful.

Joan Watt did her best - she's absolutely wonderful and a very considerate person.



As I've already explained, I felt absolutely no lust whatsoever for Alison Kraemer.

Yet he felt absolutely confident. he would not make a mistake.

Because, quite honestly, she was feeling absolutely worn out.

Quit when you feel absolutely terrible!

She felt absolutely helpless and extremely vulnerable standing completely unclothed under his watchful eyes.

I felt absolutely terrified for him.

But I must admit, when I think about Thursday night I feel absolutely sick with nerves.

I feel absolutely content with the situation.


But this last is precisely what Mr Lawson has long wanted to do and the Prime Minister absolutely forbidden .

Plainly in any less desperate case the risk of activating oncogenes would absolutely forbid the use of such a drug.


You were only allowed to have it down to just below the bottom of your ears - which looked absolutely daft.

Many grandmothers in parc de Monceau are impeccably groomed, elderly women of fashion who look absolutely smashing.

From what I could see we looked absolutely first class for about 70% of the game.

I have looked absolutely everywhere without success.

But she looked absolutely of the moment.

It was flecked cloth with zips down the side of the jacket - which looked absolutely horrible - and peg trousers.

Why didn't he just say she looked absolutely wonderful?

He looked absolutely grim, advancing, tapping the whip lightly on the ground as the horse retreated rhythmically.


And make absolutely sure the policy you buy covers you for winter sports and not just travel.

And one final thing, just to make absolutely sure.

I repeat our position, which has been made absolutely clear by my right hon. Friends.

The Government's repugnance for that organisation and everything it stands for has been made absolutely clear on repeated occasions.

He had to make absolutely sure, but he didn't want to alarm Lucy.

Dame Elaine Kellett-Bowman Will the Minister make absolutely certain that the funding councils use up-to-date figures?

A sharp kitchen knife can not be made absolutely safe if it is to be any use as a kitchen knife.


She stopped in her tracks, absolutely refusing to go one step further, and waited for him to turn around.

Yet she refused absolutely to recognise it, even when it jumped up and hit her in the face.


It didn't seem absolutely out of the question.

The faces seem absolutely smooth and polished.

Which was odd, because the Count and his family seemed absolutely charming and what they were saying made perfect sense.

Lee was on a downslope, and it seemed absolutely impossible for him to finish close.

He seems absolutely terrified of something.


Are you absolutely sure you don't mind?

By the end of the day, I was absolutely exhausted.

Don't call me unless it's absolutely necessary.

It's absolutely the best museum in the country.

She stood in the middle of the stage looking absolutely terrified.

That's an absolutely brilliant idea.

The costumes were absolutely stunning.

The ride was absolutely amazing.

We had an absolutely marvellous day.

When they came in from the yard, they were absolutely filthy.

You're absolutely right - we can't all fit in one car.


A small part of the Large Cloud of Magellan extends into Mensa, but otherwise there is absolutely nothing here of interest.

He was absolutely dire and as thick as a brick.

Science is an edifice founded absolutely on good faith.

The emotional attachment for audiences is the relationship between Flynt and Althea, and she is absolutely instrumental at that.

The statistics prove that absolutely , and everybody except the hon. Lady knows it.

These grow naturally as a single, vertical stem and need absolutely no pruning.

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